Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have two large ministries that I am working with right now. The first is Tiny Blessings, the crochet project for Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. The second is Coordinating the first "hour" of childcare at church. I love that I am able to volunteer my time with two very good organizations and that neither take a measurable amount of time away from my family.

The best part, though, is integrating my family into my ministries, especially the kids. The kids love ministering to the needs of others, especially when they are given responsibilities and asked for their input. The girls love to go to Hobby Lobby to pick out yarn for hats for the "sick babies". They love to go up to the hospital with me to do a drop off of items, especially when I give them a bag to carry and hand to the nurses themselves. They love to look at all the hats or pick out which kind of hat I should make next. Recently, I have been having at least one of them, and the past two weeks I have had all three helping me set up the childcare area at church. They love holding the sign in papers for each class and picking out snacks to put on the counters. Today they were able to pick out toys to put out for the infant class and helped close doors that were open from cleaning. We try to talk about why we help other's out, but I think they understand. They have such a pure, joyous heart when they do their work, I should learn more from them on tired Sunday mornings or when crocheting with a color I don't prefer!

I love that as I teach my kids and train them up, they do the same to me!

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