Saturday, November 2, 2013

I love Fall

We were woken up this morning, earlier than expected, by two happy girls and beautiful weather. We decided to take advantage of the day, had a slightly impromptu garage sale and enjoyed the first half of the day outside. The weather was perfect, cold to cool, bright, and clear. We had a fair amount of traffic and sent everything we didn't sell off to Cypress Assistance Ministries, an organization that helps with a variety of needs in the area. The girls chalked, blew bubbles, rode their bike/trike, and had a picnic. They occasionally went inside, but made their way back outside more often than not. Combine the gorgeousness with homemade blueberry muffins and coffee and the morning was pretty much perfect.

This evening I drove to work with two friends. God was very good to us and despite a huge setback (Mom getting caught at the other TWO weddings), we were able to smoothly take care of everything. It was a fairly easy wedding with us being only slightly busier than we usually are. The best part about working with friends, driving home, laughing so hard I can't breath and then feeding off of each other's laughter. It makes me happy to have such good times while helping my mom and making money.

The last really great part of the day- a shower and an extra hour of sleep!

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