Tuesday, November 12, 2013


It has been a long time since I have been consistently working out. I actually got back into a relative routine 8 weeks or so after having Johnny. But with supply issues, regular colds, life happening, potty training, more supply issues, vacation, and more supply issues, I definitely fell off the working out grid. I missed it too, I worked out at the gym up to the Friday before he was born and walked the weekend and Monday before he was born. I tend to enjoy working out when I make time for it. I am not into any fancy classes or techniques (although I do love Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred), I like 20-30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights. I enjoy running, but it is challenging for me and I am just as happy walking or doing the elliptical machine. This week, I pledged to get back to the gym. Part of me was slightly ashamed, our gym is small enough that I knew they would notice "Oh she is back!", but they were very happy to see all of us. I have enjoyed the way I feel the past two days, sore, tired, and accomplished. I also enjoy the chance to filter out the gym music and chatter and know that my kids are well taken care of as I get lost in thought. I don't know what fitness goals I have other than eat less, move more. I know I am not happy with the way my clothes fit right now and I would like to tone up while losing residual baby weight. I am good with it being a process and a refocus on shifting our lifestyle back onto a healthier path. I am not one for crazy diets either, just moderations and portion control, two things we haven't been practicing super well. One of my main focuses in working out is to give the kids a good example. I want them to enjoy moving, to look for physical strength, and to be willing to work hard to meet goals. I told MacKenzie today that it was important for Mommy to work out because a strong and healthy Mommy would be good for the whole family. I owe it both to myself and to them to be healthy and strong. I am happy with the past two days and will look forward to continuing rebuilding my pattern again over the coming weeks!

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