Monday, November 4, 2013

Lost in the Blood Draw

I forgot to post the good things about Johnny's Doctor visit last week.

First, he is good to go on all whole milk (we never had to buy formula! I know I said that in a previous post, but it makes me happy). Second, after careful research and conference attending on our pediatrician's part, he is now free to eat whatever he wants. They don't recommend waiting until 2 for shellfish and peanut products anymore. Obviously if there is a reason for concern then proceed with caution, but he is good to go. I am excited because I may try some oral stim stuff with a bit of peanut butter on the roof of his mouth (yes, like a puppy). Third, his growth is so consistently wonderful! He is 28.75" long which makes him 13th percentile for height on the regular chart and 65th or so on the Ds chart and weighs 18 lbs, 8.5 ounces which puts him at 12th percentile for weight and 50th or so on the Ds chart. His growth curve is almost perfect which is a great measure of how healthy he is. She was also really pleased with what he is doing and how we are getting and fighting for more resources for him.

Poor little guy did get his 5 shots, but other than that, he charmed all the office ladies on his birthday visit. What a good little guy!

 Happy Birthday Sticker!

He insisted on his own chicken strip and was gnawing on it!

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