Saturday, November 23, 2013


Woo. Tonight was the end of the big wedding season for me. There is still another big wedding next weekend, which I'm not working, and then a few decor jobs which they never ask me to do (I'm probably not the best person for frills, glitter, and bling)! I am so thankful for the extra money that comes with working for my mom. There have been some interesting weddings over the past two months that have been part of our biggest wedding season yet. People are funny. A wedding we did weeks ago have sent an email with complaints over things that either simply aren't true or that we were never asked to do in the first place. This is not uncommon in the business. I'll be honest. There are times we mess up. There are times we fudge. There are times we wing it, throw the Hail Mary, and pray for the best. There are times we have to admit mistakes. There are times we have to scramble to make up for what we didn't do. The wedding in question was not one of them. It's frustrating when those emails get sent. I wonder what makes people send letters like that. Nine times out of ten, when brides, grooms, and their families have legitimate cause for being upset, they are fine with it. Other times, people have no cause for being upset and they end up in arms against the undeserving. It's part of the business and maybe one of the hardest parts. When you know a good job was done, and for whatever reason, that job was dismissed as being less than.

Trust me. It wasn't less than. Even outside of our usual (did anyone disappear, throw up, or go to the hospital), it was nearly perfect.

It's been a crazy wedding season, but I've enjoyed the long car rides with friends, the snacks, the wild jobs, the calm jobs, and the paycheck at the end of the night! I will be very happy to sit at home and simply relax next Saturday though!

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