Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tiny Blessings Resources

I think it is beneficial from time to time to repost our favorite links and patterns. Several people have shown an interest in participating in our current collection of hats and have asked for tutorials. Here are resources that we have found useful. Feel free to comment with additional resources that you like!

For YouTube tutorials and patterns, there is no beating the Crochet Geek
Here is her pattern for a baby cap using single crochet

Here is her pattern for a baby cap using double crochet

There are many more patterns on her website and she has a user friendly search engine. Additionally, she links up the YouTube video tutorials to make it easy to watch and learn. She helped me make the transition from straight lines to hats and from single crochet to double crochet!

Jennifer Chang, one of our crochet-ers, uses Ravelry as a resource both for her business, Joyful Designs, and for Tiny Blessings hats and gowns. It requires registration, but it is a free resource.

Bev's Country Cottage has numerous patterns of hats and gowns, in addition to having a size chart that is helpful for those teeny sizes.

I recently found this blog and they have a fantastic sizing chart, tips, and several patterns.

Once you get the hang of the basic hat, I use etsy for ideas of color combinations or other cute items.

There are a ton of different free patterns and links on this website as well. They have cute hat ideas to try out!

Happy Crocheting!

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