Friday, November 29, 2013

Black friday

The last time Matt and I participated in Black Friday was 2008. I had gone with my mom several times as a kid and teenager, but those were the days when you could wake up around 6 or 7, be home a few short hours later, and head up to College Station or down to Pearland to watch the aggie game live or on TV as tradition rotated. In 2008, our neighbor was waking up at the crack of dawn, Matt had off, and we thought it would be fun to see what all the hub was about. I think we got to Walmart around 4 or 5 and watched the chaos. It was nuts. People were in fights over power wheels, toys, pajamas, and electronics. I think we bought a strand of Christmas lights, a few ornaments, and some duct tape. We went to kohls before heading back home to relax in bed. We went on to make it a fantastic Friday, our last Black Friday pre kids, with leisurely strolls around the mall and target, lunch at BJs, and seeing Four Christmases at the theater. We stood firm against going out on thanksgiving and after mulling back and forth over whether I wanted to stay up to go out around 12:30 or 1 or sleeping and going early this morning, I decided to wake up around 5 this morning. It was amazing. It was the deadest I have ever seen Walmart. I was able to stroll around, picked up a few good deals, and smiled at every worker I saw. I went on to kohls where I was able to pick out several items for loved ones (and got $30 kohls cash!). I moved from their to target where I got a screaming deal on something we had been looking for and didn't think we would get, picked up two skirts for Keegan on clearance that I had been plotting to buy her anyways, and was able to thoroughly enjoy my diet dp while doing all of these things. It was fantastic! Did I miss out on some great sales? I'm sure. But the time with my family and resting was more important. With the exception of the skirts, everything else would be available at a pretty good price in the coming weeks. In fact, the only reason I'm feeling any pressure to get stuff done today is due to some scheduling things that may take shopping time off my hands. We did go out later to try and use a coupon I forgot I had and to get groceries. The stores were crazy again. It seems that 5-9 was the sweet spot and if people want to cut into their turkey/turkey coma time every year, I will gladly take the second shift of shopping for years to come. And maybe I will add a chicken biscuit to that diet dp next year too!

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