Friday, August 16, 2013

Wedding Rules

Don't throw tortillas. Tell your photographer and DJ that they can't eat until everyone else has eaten. Don't take off shoes, someone will break something and you could get hurt. Don't piss off the person serving your food, smile and say thank you. Wait to ask for seconds when everyone else has had a Chance to go through the food line. Let the grandparents go through the food line first, better yet, get their plate for them. Don't get drunk, this is a special day, nobody wants to worry about the drunks at the wedding. Spend money on good food and good cake, nobody likes yucky cake. Make sure you know what your caterer and venue takes care of and what they don't, nobody wants to beg for cake cutters or floor sweepers. Be careful over open flames- paper napkins, cloth napkins, plastic plates are all very flammable. Don't blow out candles so the wax splatters- it ruins the linens. Don't steal the centerpieces unless told that you can take them home, often times they are rented and can be very expensive. Tip your bartenders. Leave when your time runs out, if you want to stay longer, pay well. If chairs need to be moved from the ceremony to the reception, you don't have to help move them, but move when the workers are trying to do it quickly. No, you cannot serve yourself when there are servers there to serve you and you definitely cannot reach your bare hand into food being made to put on your plate. I'm sure there is more.

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