Thursday, August 22, 2013

Easy and Normal

Today was a day that you can just relish in. I got a handful of things done around the house, a bit of work done, some time spent with friends, time spent with kids, a great OT session, and I am about to snuggle up with my hubby and watch one of our favorite shows, Top Gear.

Nothing was remarkable, in fact our day was pretty ordinary, but that is good. We need ordinary and normalcy. Not every day can be an adventure, not every day can be a fairy tale.

I love our family and our lives so much. We are so blessed in countless ways. And it isn't even the material things we have, although we are grateful for those, it's just the way things work in our lives. The way that my girls have been asking to sleep with the door open at night, which I thought would be a pain, but has gone really well and has led to them crawling into bed with me at 7:30 for morning snuggles. The way that, as we play, Keegan stops, cradles my face in her hands, and says, "Does that make you happy?" and then gives me a kiss. The way that Johnny giggles at us with contentment and will also give us looks like, "You expect me to do what?!?" The way that MacKenzie says Lady and the Cramp instead of Lady and the Tramp. The way that Keegan laughs maliciously like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. The way MacKenzie narrates every single part of her favorite movies as she watches them. The way that MacKenzie and Keegan run to meet Matt at the door every day. The way that we all sit to a meal together to enjoy one another's company. The way Matt patiently helps the girls do little chores, or builds things, or reads to them, answering each of their endless questions. The way Mattie and I get time every night after the kids go to bed that doesn't involve endless kid questions.

I have so much to make me happy. And I am. So what more could I ask for? While our journey continues on, our lives will change, but I am sure relishing in small things that make us happy will be found every step along the way.

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