Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Delicious Chocolate Cake

As many of our friends, family, and readers know, we are always on the lookout for a good chocolate cake. Last night, Matt's parents were in town and we had already arranged for an overnight babysitter (a great benefit of bottle feeding), thus we all went out to eat at Morton's. the food was pretty good, the spinach salad was amazing, and dessert and coffee was my favorite. I loved the texture of the creme brûlée we ate, but it needed an extra dose of vanilla. It was pretty bland. But the chocolate cake more than made up for it. The server kept trying to get us to try the molten chocolate cake (which I am so over that foodie trend) and we are glad we got the traditional chocolate cake instead. It was super soft and slightly fluffy, good quality, intense chocolate, and the perfect amount of dark chocolate ganache between the layers. It was a lot like The Palm's cake but with four layers instead of twelve thin ones. It's a must try for Matt's sister and brother in law next time we see them and I foresee Matt stopping to get a slice occasionally in the future to bring home for us to share!

It wasn't until the cake was almost gone that we thought to get a picture. Delicious!

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