Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The girls have been exceptionally funny in their relationship wise. We have entered the days of "No, sissy, leave me alone!l", "She's touching me!", "Don't hurt my mommy", "you have to share!!!", and one particularly bossy big sister. At dinner on Sunday, Mac informed us that she didnt love Keegan. Knowing better than to make a huge deal about it, I carefully inquired as to why. Mac made us both laugh by saying, in a very exasperated manner, "Because she is always talking, I don't want her talking all the time." We let that one slide, one because we were laughing too hard and two, because she doesn't stop talking most days when we are with her. Fast forward to Monday morning, when Mac told me, unprompted, how much she loved her sister and then pulled her into her lap and snuggled with her, stroking her hair. And fast forward to this morning when they played together at the CFA play are and were hugging and squealing with delight, playing slumber party. Kids are funny that way, I'm so glad they have one another!

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