Saturday, August 31, 2013


We are very busy people and we like it that way. We love to be together and both get a little restless if we aren't out and about doing things. We relax as a family too, but we find a lot of time for running around and socializing as well. It works for us, we know it isn't for everyone. 

We frequently sit down to synch our calendars. It's one of my favorite things to do, especially when there is coffee or a beverage involved. Today we got that done and realized we have almost completely full weekends until next year. That means that besides church, we have at least one if not more big events going on each weekend. Technically the last three weekends of the year are not booked, but its the end of the year/Christmas, it's kind of a given!

My calendar, note taking, and memory is crucial to staying on top of things! The best thing I could have done was to color coordinate our calendar. We each have our own hi lighter color. I used to write things out in the color, but you can't do that when it is an event for two or more members of the family. Plus, I want to carry my calendar around with me, but leave my dorky, former teacher pencil case at home. So everything gets written on the calendar, then hi lighted with the appropriate colors for those  participating in the event, preferably with the "main person"'s color on top.  All that gets written, besides the event itself, is time (if that), address and detail go on the appropriate day in the back of the calendar book. I need to get better about taking notes and making lists in the pages of my calendar. 

This is pretty typical for us, this was this summer. I love our life, but I am thankful for the tools to keep it all together!

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