Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Cure All

Very, very sick with this crazy and silly stomach bug that has been going around. There is no predicting when and where it will strike. It made for a very interesting road trip from Stephenville to College Station yesterday and today. Thank goodness it seems that I am the only one to have caught it this go around. Prayers that nobody else gets it!

However, it did provide the excellent opportunity to prove, once again, the end all, be all in cures for stomach bugs. Once the puking stops and you can hold in liquids without using the restroom as soon as you take a sip then you are ready for....wait for it...a...bean and cheese burrito from Taco Cabana. Matt's dad recommended the fiber trick to me back when I was subbing in 2007 and it has worked every single time in giving your stomach and digestive system something to hold onto as it "heals" from the bug. It definitely worked it's magic today!

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