Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Night Fury

Our new vehicle search had, unsurprisingly, taken some time. Matt is meticulous in his research and assessment of cars and for a family car that needed to last our family quite some time, he was even more so. A few weeks ago we had it narrowed down to the Toyota Sequoia or the Chevrolet Suburban. We made a quick pit stop at a Toyota dealership to check the Sequoia out and it became painfully and clearly obvious that our decision was made for us. A Suburban was in our future. Matt settled on the Suburban for build quality, size, and to some degree, overall aesthetics. We gave our "car broker" friend a call, did some searching around, and found one that fit our needs.

In short, I love it. It is roomy (especially with the captain's chairs in the second row), has several features that I love (remote start, heated seats, a "tap the turn signal for lane changing" feature that I liked in my Jetta) and will soon be getting a DVD player system for longer road trips and post big car days when the kids (and Mommy) need the veg time. It is black so I feel like a secret service agent and is shiny and new and way more fancy than I feel like I deserve. It has ample room in the cargo area for my stroller and other stuff and should last our family for quite some time.

We are sad to have to trade in the truck, but it makes so much more sense to keep the Jetta for Matt's long commutes into town. The truck has been a great vehicle for us and we hope to purchase a truck for Matt again in the future. The girls really enjoyed the truck too, but are very pleased with the "Night Fury" or "Toothless" the name bestowed upon the Suburban in honor of the black dragon in the movie How to Train Your Dragon. We are grateful for such a luxury in our lives and hope this car serves us well!

Goodbye to a good truck!

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