Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Good Day?

Today WAS a good day. I promise. But it was one of those days that's hard to classify as a good day. One of those days that you are feeling led to do, that's the right thing, that's good for everyone involved, but you keep running into roadblocks on your way to accomplish it. We had been trying, off and on, to see Matt's grandparents for the past six months. Finally the stars aligned for us to spend the weekend in College Station and use that as a staging point for a quick trip to Stephenville to see them for a few hours. We had it planned out and got the call yesterday that grandpa was in the hospital. After checking with Matt's dad, the doctor, it was determined that we could still visit and that grandpa was in his own room too. Yahoo! So we load up the expedition, grab snacks, plug in some movies for the girls, and listen to Johnny squeal and babble the whole way there. He has decided he is too big for a morning nap and is trying, relentlessly, to fight it. No biggie. He will be tired when we are there, but we will make it work. The trip took a bit longer than expected, but we wiggled our schedules around and stopped to get lunch to take to grandma. We picked a nice little deli and figured some cold sandwiches wouldn't take long to get. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. We placed our order and thirty minutes, an emergency bottle feeding, and 100 MacKenzie questions later we had our food to go. Ok. Almost there. Except Matt gets a call that grandma and grandpa are not at the hospital one block away, they are back at their apartment. Sigh. Ok. Plug in their address to Apple maps and get directions to an abandoned parking lot where Siri tells us we will have to walk to our destination. I told Matt that Siri has AI and is out to kill us but he doesn't believe me. We switch to Google maps and get led on a wild goose chase around Stephenville to go back to where we were at the hospital and then only slightly misled near their house. Once we finally got there it was a good visit. A worth it visit. But I really had to ask God for some help. Why was something so purely good, such a challenge towards the end?!?

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