Sunday, August 11, 2013

Small Group

I never intended to join a Sunday school class at church, but in order to meet other people our age at church, it was the best way to go. Fine. I never intended to join a small group though. Three hours of church/fellowship in the am was all I needed. Then God kind of threw a small group into our laps. Fine. But I'm not meeting every week- oops. And I'm certainly not interested in small grouping long term- oops. We are now on version 2.0 of small group and along the way I have been blessed with amazingly wonderful relationships, teachings, and support. Tonight, I'm especially thankful. As my small group girls and I shared worries and concerns, life changes and normal goings on, I was happy that I don't have to trudge through life alone. I can pass along part of my worries and woes and take a bit off of friend's shoulders too. And with the load redistributed, it feels a little bit less like trudging and a lot more like a journey worth taking. In the end, we are all blessed beyond measure, but it's nice to talk through job concerns, money issues, things you said wrong, things you did wrong, worries over your kids, victories with your kids, questioning where life is going, and refocusing on what is most important. Even in a meeting where prayer requests are mentioned in passing, it means a lot to know that a group of women has your back.

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