Friday, May 31, 2013

Johnny at 7 Months


Today you are seven months and just returning from your first vacation. I will post more about our family trip to the beach in the coming days, but as a brief aside, you have been a perfect little prince on the trip. So many people commented on what an adorable and good baby you are, we felt lucky to have you under our care.

 You continue to surprise us. In therapy you are surpassing all of our hopes. You grow stronger in sitting propped up and can even balance for a few seconds at a time. You are also rolling over both ways now and when trying to roll from tummy to back you are getting your knees far underneath you which is great to move towards new things. You are also pivoting around a lot to try and move to see us or toys as you have your tummy time. You continue to be verbal and will talk to us in repetitive two syllable babble. 

You still love the "itsy bitsy spider", but also love "if you're happy and you know it". I think you like the hand motions. You are reaching out for our faces more and it seems like you are pulling our faces and hands towards you more too. 

You have enjoyed most of the food you have tried. We continue to see some distaste with peas, but you like spinach more than I thought you would. We have to thicken up your food with cereal because you like food with a bit of substance to it. You are taking five bottles a day for a total of 25+ ounces along with one to two solid feelings. Your sleeping schedule is still about the same as last month with one minor detail. You are in your own room! When Auntie Crystal and the family came to visit us they needed to borrow your pack and play so we booted you up to your crib with no problems. Now that you can roll, you seem to like sleeping on your side or tummy most. And you also like to have a blanket up near your mouth, clasped in both hands. Mommy takes all the little naps on her chest that she can get, they are becoming less frequent. When you are trying to sleep or relax in my arms you have started "scratching" or kneeding into my neck which I think is adorable and makes me feel an extra shot of love for you.

Your hair is lightening up some, it may turn blond? And your eyes are definitely brown but have held a ring of blue around them. Your little arms and legs are getting perfect little fat rolls and muscles in all the right places. While you can still wear some three month clothing you are more comfortable in six months me can wear some mine month too. 

Johnny we are amazed at how the time is passing. You are so easy that the days breeze by. We love you and cannot wait to see what you do in the next month!


Mommy and Daddy

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