Monday, May 6, 2013


I was prepared with a mighty battle with the "Fierce One". Just I anticipated one with the backwards pajamas to break the diaper habit, I thought that breaking Keegan of her finger sucking habit would be difficult. We tried to get her to take a soothie pacifier from the beginning. It was so easy for Mac to use it and we took it away with zero issues when she was 6 or 7 months. But Keegan refused to take any pacifier and the more we tried the angrier she got. We were slightly relieved when she found her fingers to suck on because it meant she could calm herself down, but automatically we worried about years down the road when we would have to help her stop. I had said I was going to cut her off right at two years (no not literally cut her off, although I did joke about cutting those two middle fingers off). I did research and asked numerous friends for input on how to break the habit. It ranged from let her be, or wait until she is older because you won't be able to do it to hardcore mittens, hot sauce, and mouth guards.

Last Saturday Matt was out late for a guy's night so I decided to give it an attempt and taped up her four fingers on both hands with athletic tape. She thought it was hilarious and I explained to her that it was time for her to stop sucking on her fingers and that this would help her be a big girl. She seemed proud (maybe I was reading too much into it) and laid down with little issues. I listened closely for her on the monitor (expecting a struggle in her taking off the tape), instead my heart broke to hear nothing followed by little whimpers as it settled in what Mommy and Daddy were asking her to do. I went upstairs and gave her cuddles and told her how brave she was and how much I loved her. With that she snuggled in bed and went to sleep. Zero problems. She woke up happy as a lark. From there we sometimes leave her tape on and sometimes take it off. We monitor her closely while she is awake and have had to remind her a handful of times to take her fingers out of her mouth, but it has been a pretty easy process. We do tape her fingers at night and sometimes at bed time since it is still a habit that needs help. We have caught her going to put her fingers in her mouth and self regulating by putting them back down.

I cannot believe how compliant she has been with the whole matter. I love that she is that receptive despite her fierce nature. And I am proud of her progress over the past week and a few days.

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