Monday, May 27, 2013

Crossing over

With Mattie's wonderful purchase of my very own iPad Mini for our anniversary, I finally decided to cross over to the dark side and download a few ebooks. I have resisted for a long time because I like hard copy books. Unlike the feel of the pages under my fingers. I like being careful to not break the binding on the book for the first few reads. I like feeling how much of the book I have moved through and how much is left in store. In like searching for my page when I forget a bookmark. I am devoted to hard copies of books. 

But an ereader is so convenient and handy. And I already had the iPad so... I cheated and downloaded a few books. Only free books and mainly classics that I have wanted to reread or never got around to reading in the first place. First up was Little Women and I am enjoying the reread. I like how my inner dialogue voice changes with the books that I am reading. I also plan to reconquer Anna Karenina and attempt Les Miserables. We will see how it goes. 

In the mean time, does anyone have other recommendations of free books to continue my dark side journey with? 

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