Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Funny Life

As I dealt with my issues from yesterday, God gave me one of His teeny little gifts for perspective and to remind me of all of the great things in our life.

Johnny has been rocking a lot during tummy time or when he props up while we hold him on our chest  or facing us. I thought it was a little game he would play because it always looked like he was trying to see our face better. Imagine my surprise when he was laying next to me on the bed tonight and he started rocking back and forth and promptly rolled over from tummy to back. Another little victory or a milestone for our little man! 

So despite all my worries that his milestones would start to drop off or that he would stagnate are worries that I need to out aside for now. Johnny has things he needs to do right now and my job is to help him. My job involves working in the moment, working with what I've got, not what I am worried about happening or not happening. 

I continue to be proud and honored to be Johnny's mommy!

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