Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Fun List 2013

Here is our family "Bucket List" for the Summer

Go to the beach
Zoo plus train, splashpad, and picnic
Bake on a rainy day
Splash outside on a rainy day
Snowcones on a hot afternoon
Bikes and breakfast (donuts, bike/trikes/ and an elementary school flat top)
Movies (either drive in or theater)
Sprinkler/Splash day in our backyard
See some fireworks
Make sidewalk paint and paint a mural
Watermelon and hot dogs outside
Blueberry picking
Make bead necklaces
Mac to learn the states and planets
Keegan to learn the rest of her ABC's and numbers
Feed the ducks
Vacation Bible School
Swimming- specifically both girls willing to dunk their faces, work on floating and swimming
Picnic at the park
Visit both Great grandparents
Practice and learn more ASL (50 new signs for the girls), three signs for Johnny (milk, food, more)
Make a bird feeder
Kite flying
Go to The Woodlands (pet store, walk around some of the water way, and maybe eat at Grimaldi's!!!)
Family game night
Take the kids fishing
A trip to College Station, walk around campus with the kids

Does anyone want to join us for any of these?
Does anyone have great ideas to add on?
Let me know! We want to make this summer a great one!

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Kerri said...

Um I don't see visiting Dallas on that list ;)