Friday, May 3, 2013

Girl Time

Tonight I had a much needed night out with some gal pals. We had conversation, coffee, desserts, and general togetherness that seemed to rejuvenate us all.

Growing up, my parents had friends that they would visit with on a regular basis, but none of those friends had kids our age. It was fun to be able to pick out a special movie to watch at their houses as we spent time together over dinner and to be treated like a little grown up, but part of me always longed for  other kids to run around with, family time with other families, and growing up with family friends with kids my age. That was definitely an important factor for us as we looked for a church home out here, to find a church that was brimming with families for us to learn from and grow with, so much so that we passed up a few churches that we really liked in order to find one that was a better fit overall.

I am grateful for being led to our church. We drug our feet in going to our ABF as we weren't sure we ready for that much of a time commitment (we wanted to go to big service and that's it), but in order to make friends, it was kind of necessary. There have been so many people who we have met and developed relationships with who have kids our kids age. The girls have friends that they love and adore and we work to make sure they spend time with them when they can. And Johnny too, will have his own little buddies to grow up with that know him as Johnny and nothing different.

But important too, is our friendships with the parents. It was important for Mattie and I to both develop strong relationships, people to fall back on, people to pour into, and couples to just spend time with, enjoying life. We have found that dozens of time over.

So I am especially grateful of the time tonight with women who need me and support me, who can get together and enjoy one another's company without expectations or reason, just to get in some good conversation and to fulfill that XX chromosome need of gab and girl time.

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