Sunday, May 5, 2013

Grateful for Digital Photography

As we were updating our pictures this weekend on our computer, I stumbled across the pictures from Johnny's birth. I am so grateful for digital photography where (if you want) someone can take hundreds of pictures for you to piece things together when you may be otherwise occupied. So much of L & D became a big, foggy, jumbled up memory and it is fun to look back through at some of the pictures.

These were some of my favorites...

 Daddy holding his little boy's hand for the first time

 I love it! Holding Matt's hand, looking at my son, tears of overwhelmed joy 
streaming down my face

 Mattie looks so proud of his boy

 I love these moments of birth, a Mommy that tentatively pulls the 
blanket down to get a better view of new life!

Happy to finally hold my son, our little pumpkin, born just
in time to wear a Halloween outfit. My mom will like this
picture because it shows the sprinkling of freckles across
the bridge of my nose!

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