Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Apple Mac

Matt and I converted to a Mac in 2008. His grandmother used to send us what we affectionately termed "magic checks", random surprises in the mail. We received one such check that summer and needed a new computer as Mattie's laptop was quickly fading into typical windows nothingness. We loved our Mac from the start and never looked back. Although they are more expensive, they have been reliable and we have worked our Macs hard. We of course have moved our way through the Apple line of products including iPods and iPhones. Apparently we are raising a future Mac user as well. Today as the kids and I ran errands, Mac was playing with a you cell phone. I faintly heard her talking on her phone and curious, I listened closer. She was holding her phone out with the bottom tilted towards her and saying, "Give me directions to a faraway place." I asked what she was doing and she said, " I'm asking my phone for directions." Mac was pretending to use Siri! I am so proud of my little Mac loving Mac!

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