Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last Day

Today was the girl's last day of school. I have been prepping them for the past couple of weeks, making sure that they knew it was standard operating procedure to be off for the summer and not go to school. I am glad they know and it was easier for them to understand as we said goodbye to their teachers today.

Both girls have grown so much over the past 9 months or so. MacKenzie is still quiet and reserved, but has made friends, gained independence, and learned so much. She surprised Matt the other day by saying the Lord's Prayer at nap time. She will also sing songs and tell stories that they learn at school. MacKenzie has amazing memory and as we looked through her memory book today, she was able to show us paintings she had done throughout the year and recalled special things about each one. In our own learning time at home, she has learned a lot to build a foundation for reading and writing. She wrote little cards for her teachers yesterday, one said Ms. Debbie and the other said Thank You, Lobe Mac (I said V and she heard B). Keegan has made a lot of progress too. She was hesitant and maybe even a little hostile at the beginning of the year and is now one of the favored children in her class. Over the past two or three months, I got lots of words of amazement over how she is the most helpful kid in class and is always willing to participate whether that be reading, a lesson, or cleanup. Both of the girls were laughed at by the music teacher who said Mac never sings or participates and that they would take Keegan's glasses off in music time so she wouldn't break or lose them as she danced and jumped around enthusiastically. 

 To celebrate splash day last week the girls and I had Sonic slushes on our way home from school. Tonight after dinner to celebrate the last day of school we all went to Coldstone for ice cream. We told the girls we had a surprise treat for them after dinner. As we loaded up into the car, Mac said she wanted ice cream, good intuition on her part. After convincing Keegan that ice cream was a better treat than broccoli, we picked out our scoops. Daddy got the chocolate devotion, I got the chocolate devotion made with cinnamon ice cream instead of chocolate (amazing choice), Mac got mint ice cream with sprinkles (her favorite color is green right now so that is a no brainer for her), and Keegan got pink with gummy bears (again, favorite color motivates choices, not actual flavor profile). I loved starting a new little tradition with our family and hope to celebrate a great school year for many more to come!


Kerri said...

oh my gosh...Keegan's pigtails...I die! they look so grown up!

The Howards said...

Kerri- I need to put up comparison pictures to show how much they have grown. I didn't realize how long Keegan's hair has gotten. The girls are growing up too fast!!!

The Howards said...

Comparing to first day