Thursday, May 2, 2013

Johnny's 6 Month Appointment

Johnny did great for his 6 month appointment. I was glad it was a good little visit because our Pediatrician said she was not having the best day today and had gotten peed on twice yesterday! He weighs 15 pounds 5.5 ounces which puts him at the 25th percentile on the regular chart and at the 64th percentile for the Ds chart. His height was 25.5 inches which is 20th on the regular chart and 65th on the Ds chart. So he is doing a great job growing. He is moving out of his 3 month clothing and into 6 month clothing for all intensive purposes. She was pleased with his eating and feeding habits and all the great reports from ENT and Cardiology. While we had to say no for a couple of milestones, he is not lagging behind yet, they just want to check on those things and make sure we are working on it. He has not rolled over yet and we are working on supported sitting a lot. For milestones he IS making, his vocalization is so great that she was able to check that off without even asking, he transfers items from hand to hand, and he bares weight on his feet when we hold him. So overall he is doing pretty good. He got four vaccines (one oral, three shots) and was a little champ with those. He is a little tired this evening from the exam and shots.

Right now we are waiting for him to grow so we can go back to ENT to see about getting his tubes in and his adenoids out and we are on the waiting list for the Down syndrome clinic here in Houston so they can give him a thorough checkup with their specialists.

We are pleased with all this good work so far and Johnny loved playing with the paper on the exam table.

And for those of you who insist that he is always happy and never gets upset...that is only 98% of the time...he does get upset from time to time!

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