Monday, May 20, 2013

Drop everything

My hope and prayer is for the kids to develop relationships that are "drop everything and help" friendships. We got the chance to practice this today when one of our friend's kids had to go to the ER for stitches. The day was only slightly altered, but I would have been ok with everything turning upside down in order to help them out. These friends have been good to us too, taking the girls overnight when I was admitted to the hospital for Johnny, watching all three kids last minute for my sister's wedding, being willing to do and share. And we reciprocate, sitting, meal taking, trading off who buys lunch, it all evens out. I love the pure simplicity of "Hey, do you think you can..." phone calls or trading texts of availability for kid wrangling. This isn't the oy friendship we have like this and I hope others know we try very hard to oblige and help out when we can. It's important and it's necessary to have people you can rely on and fall back on. It's also nice when other kids are involved because it usually means the kids get extra play time in and sleep really well that night. Maybe they will have that kind of drop everything relationship with one another as they grow up. The kind where ice cream is brought over after a bad test grade, where glares are given in passing because of broken hearts, and when they really need each other a hug and a shoulder to cry on will be there. I'm glad we were open to helping today. It felt good.

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