Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Friends

About four years ago we started attending our church regularly and we were ready to get plugged into a group of people our age. In fact, this was a main requirement for us finding a church home, that we had peers that were our age that were either close to or already had kids. We were invited to check out two ABFs (Adult Bible Fellowship) at our church, one for young married couples called Becoming One and the other for young married couples with young children called Becoming More. Seeing as we were already pregnant with MacKenzie at that point, we skipped right over BOne and treked out to the church portables to find the Becoming More class. We couldn't have picked a better time to join this class as there were about a dozen women expecting at the same time we were. While everyone else at the time was on their second or third go around, we were happy for the chance to bond with men and women at our stage of life. And we bonded well. And we caught up to their two (and in some cases lapped them with our three). We have made some wonderful friendships over the past four years. As time has progressed, many of the Becoming More families have moved on to other things within our church family. Either they have been called to pursue other ministries in the church or have seen some of the curriculum repeat or have been interested in seeing what other classes the church has for us. It has been hard to see some of our close friends "go" because it was great to have forced socialization time every week between large church and ABF. We love our friends dearly and while we do not begrudge them for leaving, it has left us torn between moving on and staying put. And while Mattie and I do like to substitute teach in nursery and preschool Sunday school from time to time, we feel very much satisfied with continuing on in BMore.

Thankfully, BOne has heard the call to BMore and they have started expanding their families as well. Many have had their first and some are moving on to a second child as well. So we have gladly welcomed them into our little class and have enjoyed meeting new friends. In fact, it has been a great exercise for me to initiate contact and to work at new friendships with some of the women in the class. I have really enjoyed getting to know the new classmates and find it to be a nice balance of maintaining my old BMore friendships with making new ones. We all have so much to offer one another and it will be nice to (hopefully) have some great playdates this summer with all of our friends.

Today we were lucky to expand a few of those friendships further as we attended the birthday party of one of Keegan's little besties. Keegan loves Luke and was shouting all morning, "Luke, I'm coming to your party!" as she got more and more excited about his special day. The party was at their neighborhood splash pad which I hope will lead to a big play date very soon!!!

Good thing we like Luke's parents...we are in trouble!

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