Friday, May 10, 2013

Extra Special Sister Love

I have mentioned before how much I love having two girls so close in age. The girls really do enjoy each other and have become great playmates. In fact, I have been told several times that they have chosen to play together at their Mother's Day Out program when the whole school has been out together. It makes me happy to see them spending good time together and it makes things nice when I need to pump, focus on Johnny, or do things around the house.

Today the girls were being very affectionate to one another and giving each other big hugs while they played. Mac was initiating the hugs which is extra special and was saying how much she loved Keegan. They hugged and hugged one another while I looked on, happy for the chance to catch this special moment of them together. As I basked in the warm glow of sisterly love, Mac squeezed her sister even tighter. Apparently she squeezed a little too tight and all of the sudden they both started laughing as Keegan tooted and exclaimed, "Tootie-a-bootie". 


Glad to see they can share in the humorous side of having a good friend/sister as well as the loving side. 

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