Saturday, June 1, 2013

MacKenzie at 3 and 7 months


For now it is easy for me to remember how many months into your year we are because it is the same as Johnny. I wanted to give a little update on how you are doing. 

You love dinosaurs, the idea of being a doctor, and science. You gladly play with toy dinosaurs in addition to your other treasured animals and will line them all up and sort them out naming the ones you can and asking about the ones you don't know yet. On our beach vacation you had a small toy alligator which you kept on calling a "phytosaur, a small, crocodile like dinosaur" to correctly quote your Magic School Bus book. You ask so many questions and remember a lot of facts and details in the things we tell you. We are always amazed at your memory and how you can recall things that happened a year or more ago. You still want violin lessons, even more than basketball or gymnastics. You would also like painting lessons, but hopefully you will be satisfied with a roll of butcher paper and some washable paints because I think that is what your lesson here at home will be. 

You still love Mac and cheese and rice most of all. You ask for oatmeal or yogurt the most in the morning and prefer to put the brown sugar and cinnamon on the oatmeal yourself. You only like cheese pizza and will be on the verge of a small breakdown if we dare suggest otherwise. We got sonic slushes on the last day of MDO and you picked green because it is your favorite color right now. You love taking sips of whatever we drink, even coffee once it has cooled off. You aren't crazy about strawberries, but prefer oranges and apples. It is interesting to see where your tastes lead you. 

You are becoming more imaginative and more interactive in your play. We often catch you acting out scenes or dancing to songs that you hum to yourself. You will frequently tell us you are a ballerina as you dance with your arms extended over your head. You love games that are physical, where we tell you to do certain motions and you can move to play the game. You also still crave reading time and will spend as much time as we allow in our laps or cuddled next to us reading away and will also flip through books on your own. We try to practice reading as many three letter words as you can. You have memorized a lot of the basic words right now. You are also doing awesome on writing and if we spell out the words, you enjoy writing little notes to family members or friends.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing you grow as a big sister over the past weeks. You dote on Johnny and guide Keegan very well. You love your "Johnny Boy" and will hold his hand or pat his head as we drive and you sit next to him. You frequently run to Keegan to reunite with her and ask her to Tagalong for your little games. In fact, you have started craving hugs and kisses even more which is very welcome to have you randomly wrap your little arms around us or ask us for snuggles.

We love you Mac and we hope we show it every day. You are an amazing creature, our little alien who fills our eyes and hearts with wonderment. Thanks for all you are to us. 

Mommy and Daddy

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