Sunday, June 16, 2013

Memories with my Dad

Happy Father's Day!

Here are some of my favorite memories with my dad growing up.

Making buttermilk biscuits on many weekend mornings and getting to sift the flour multiple times.

Learning to make roux and fudge and understanding the importance of patience in jobs well done in the kitchen.

Going to the grocery store with him most weekends, even through high school, but not the Farmer's Market!

Going on family trips, stopping to read every historical sign (I think this is kind of a Dad thing), being introduced to new places and new food, and having one very scary stop in an abandoned town in our Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana road trip.

Listening to the Aggie War Hymn and other songs to get revved up for Aggie Football weekends.

Watching movies like Patton, Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Hatari during the year and cycling through our favorite Christmas movies during the winter time.

Helping to put up the modest amount of lights on our house for Christmas and being scared out of my mind to be on the roof but feeling very cool that I was up there with my dad.

Playing basketball in the driveway.

Getting stuck in the mud at Aggie Bonfire!

Dad doubting that we would ever be able to successfully play "Name that Song" on the classic rock station and the day I randomly won $20.

Sitting on my dad's lap to "drive" part of the way home from the gym.

Visiting and spending time with my grandparents and other relatives, which my dad tried to make a regular thing, hanging out at my Nana and Grandaddy's house, dinners with MawMaw, and Luby's with Donna and Aunt Poppy.

Getting to go on a class field trip to the bank where my dad worked when I was in Kindergarten (however brief that was) and feeling so cool that we got to visit my Dad's bank with a tour of the vault.

Working with both my parents the summer before I left for college at their insurance company.

Being walked down the aisle.

Having my dad greet all three of my kids for the first time at the hospital soon after they were born.

I hope you had a great day Dad!

Dad and Keegan, his little chin dimple clone!

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