Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sweets in New Orleans

I failed to mention our double dessert in New Orleans. 

At Oceania Grill they had chocolate toffee mousse cake. One of my favorite restaurants in College Station also carries this cake so I was surprised to see a similar/exact dessert in New Orleans. It had started to reach room temperature by the time our server brought it to us, but it is probably the same frozen cake I will now be looking for online. The cake is a super rich slice of thick mousse that is cut in half by a gooey, thick toffee layer. Rich chocolate paired with buttery toffee is a delight indeed. The cake is so dense and rich that it is good to share between two people, especially when you get to the thick chocolate Cooke crust. 

We also stopped at Cafe du Monde for beignets and coffee. The girls were very tired at that point and did not want to try them, so Mattie and I stuffed our faces full of the light powdered sugar (be careful not to breath in) while biting into the soft, pillowy fried dough. The coffee was strong and needed extra powdered sugar to cut through the bitterness, but I am a coffee weenie!

Both places are great, I would get the chocolate cake with dinner and beignets as breakfast, second breakfast and/or a midnight snack!

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