Friday, June 14, 2013

Calling in the reserves

This week was challenging. The kids were super clingy, Keegan was testing boundaries, Johnny was cranky, and Mattie was out of town. Visions of a sparkling clean house, calm children, and something fresh baked quickly went out the window. They are in Indonesia by now! Thank goodness Mattie is home. Within half an hour of being home he said, "Wow. I see why you feel stressed." Normally a comment like that would have me up in arms thinking, "He has no right to say that, he has only been here for half an hour, I have had this all day." Today it was a welcome validation. We are glad to have him home and I am, for the first time, jealous of his trip. He got to have dinner with three other friends that were randomly in NYC at the same time and got to eat at Eataly, Mario Batalli's European style market. I had a great week with the kids, but I'm glad that one is down in the books, and glad we have a great weekend as a family ahead of us. Reset. Recharge. Moving forward!

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