Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Bucket List Progress

Progress so far-

The Woodlands (mall, waterway, and Grimaldi's)-

She is Mary, in case you couldn't tell

This one needs a do over, I forgot to go to Trader Joe's while we were out there!

The Beach!


Blueberry picking-

And we should add one more to the summer bucket list, bathing outside. The girls have taken two "country baths" at our friends house over the past three years and love it. They have been begging Doc to let them take a bath in the dog bath in College Station, so we obliged this past weekend. We couldn't keep their clothes on for the rest of our visit. Everytime we would look up, we would see the flash of naked Keegan bootie or naked MacKenzie bootie running by to jump back in the tub of water. We decided that we like that our girls can be a little "rough and tumble" when we go to the "country".

And the zoo has happened a couple times, but we cannot cross this one of our list because we need to do the train and the picnic along with the zoo and splashpad. But we HAVE to go with Daddy to do the train, that's kind of a Daddy thing! At least for the first time anyways.

And because groupon was running such a great deal, we will add a visit to the Museum of Natural Science to our list to see the dinosaurs and the new Egypt exhibit. Next week we will be able to cross VBS off our list too, I need to remember to get pictures of the kids!

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