Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sweets in Destin

When Mattie and I were in college, we fell in love with a frozen custard place called Shakes. The custard was creamy and delicious, the portions were borderline too large, and the toppings were phenomenal. I particularly loved the "Dream Lover" with raspberries added. It consisted of hot fudge, salted pecans, marshmallow cream, and slightly macerated raspberries. The flavors worked really well with the ice cream and once I found that treat, I never swayed from it. Imagine our dismay when pregnant with Keegan, we discovered it was closed for repairs. We soon found out that closed for repairs really meant closed forever. For three years now we have unwillingly tried several places only to be severely disappointed. If we had never known Shakes, all of those places would have been more than fine, but once you have had the best, it is impossible to like anything else. 

Imagine our delight when we were able to stop at Shakes in Destin. We got custard from there three out of four nights there. It was better than we remembered and we are now permanently ruined from ever enjoying other places because it was so good and not just our memories that made it taste so amazing. Go there. Enjoy. Go there again. Enjoy some more. 

I didn't have custard on the third night, I had Key Lime Pie from a donut shop that was famous for their pie and homemade donuts called The Donut Hole. Reviews were great online, not really sure why. Their donut concepts were good, but poorly implemented. We both agreed that we have had fresher donuts in those little packets of powdered sugar donuts. The Key Lime Pie had potential, but didn't pack enough of a tart, limey taste. You could tell some effort had gone into it, but it missed the mark. I would pass on eating there. 

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