Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prenatal diagnosis

Johnny had OT today that went ok. He is starting to get a little mind of his own and fusses some when we want him to practice things he doesn't want to at that moment. But Mommy has some goals for Johnny over the next year so he better be ready to work!

As Johnny's OT and I were talking, we began discussing benefits vs negatives of a prenatal diagnosis. She told me about one mom she knows who did not get a diagnosis until after delivery (which is more common than prenatal). The mom was relating to her how as soon as the baby was born, the doctors and nurses knew that the baby had Ds. Immediately the baby was brought over to the warmer so they could do a more thorough examination and the mood of the room became somber. She said that no one was joyful and happy, no one congratulated them or wished them well, that the rest of their stay in the hospital felt sad because of the attitude they were surrounded with. 

It made me hope and pray that if I am able to become a nurse that I remember her story, and choose to shower all of these sweet babies with love and happiness. 

It also made me again, very thankful for our decision to test. While the actual birth moments were a little hectic, as soon as Johnny was born and ok, the room was filled with happy shouts of "It's a boy!" And "Congratulations!" and from my very favorite nurse, a tear filled, "He is beautiful." When we moved to postpartum, the well wishes continued, and whether genuine or not, every nurse and doctor made me feel like we were the star patients. Nurses scrambled to love on our little man and doctors doted on him when they came in to check on us. I am so thankful for the joy we were able to experience in his birth and for the precedent we were able to set in our experience being a great one. 

I hurt for Mommies that have to sit in rooms filled with whispers and worried looks as they try to interpret what may be wrong. I had to sit and worry through an ultrasound filled with concern and would hate to have that in my L&D room. It's still a personal decision that has many factors that must be taken into account, but mark one for the prenatal testing side. 

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