Monday, June 24, 2013


Today was the first day of VBS. It was a little nuts in the morning, as volunteer coordinator I had many people asking me where to go and had a dozen or so substitutes that needed placement. It was a ministry I resisted at first, I had never participated in a VBS before, but a "friend" (haha) suggested my name for the Volunteer Coordinator position adding, "Ashley Howard is an underutilized member of our congregation." It was a perfect fit though and I am so glad I took on the job. I love the organization and the deliberate and methodical work involved in transferring date from one form to another and compiling it all together. I love working out notes and color coding different reminders. I loved calling volunteers and other coordinators and working as the go between for the two. Tomorrow will be a little dicey as we are short on subs and I think I have a pretty mean ear infection in both ears. We will make it work though. I hope to have more to report on some of the other awesome things going on at our church over the week!

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