Friday, June 28, 2013

Johnny says...

I will open my own doors, thank you very much.

I'm gonna kick this door open, pa-chow!

Today I stopped by Johnny's class at VBS to check and see how he was doing. One of the workers walked up and asked what it meant when he closes and opens his fist back and forth (she did the motion for me). I told her that was the sign for "milk" to which she replied, "I thought that's what he was doing, he probably wants to finish his bottle."

Little man knows how to sign "milk". Let me rewrite that because it hasn't quite sunken in (despite the fact that I told several people throughout the day), Little man knows how to sign "milk". And not only that, but he had a want/need and communicated it.

It is so hard to describe how I feel right now. I have worked on signing milk for months now, showing him the sign with most of his feedings, making his little hands do the motions, wondering if it was all for not. I didn't expect him to catch on this early. For him to be signing at all (even periodically) before he is 8 months is a huge deal. HUGE! I cried and cried and cried and cried some more as I marveled in how amazed I am by my son. I worry about so many things with Johnny and so many questions linger over our heads on a daily basis, but we are doing our best by him and it shows. I am positively thrilled right now. It is very hard to write this because I look into my mind for the words to tell you guys what this means to me and all I can see are smiles and happy tears. Very, very happy tears.

He fills my bucket and then some!


Kallie Gher said...

Ok I have only known your family a short while, and you made me cry! I love that he is signing his needs and want!! That is so awesome!! Enjoy!

Ashley Howard said...

Thank you friend. It is huge for us. The more we engage with him and show him, the more he shines. What a great example and reminder for all of us!