Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New goals

I have been mulling over our OT session yesterday. Our OT was telling me about a little boy with Ds that she used to work with who is an amazing little guy. He was walking at 16 months when the timeframe for Ds is more from 18 months to two years. I had been looking for a good solid number like that. 16 months. It seems out of reach and attainable all at the same time. It's a huge goal though. Part of me is scared to se a goal like that. But the other part of me wants something to work for, something to push Johnny towards. I will be 100% ok with not reaching that goal because only good things will happen in working to get him to that point. I just want us to work extra with him, encourage him, love on him, and help him. I am putting this out there so we can all see where it leads to. I am sure there will be more goals to come, but there is my big one. 

I have a little lump in my throat as I move to push "publish", but I'm glad to be sharing our hopes and dreams on this journey. 

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