Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reminders to be thankful

This week I took a meal to a Mommy in the Ds group that I am a part of. Her little one had heart surgery a couple weeks ago so a few of us chipped in to take her a couple meals to make her life a bit easier as she helps her baby recover. I had spoken with this mommy before, but didn't really put two and two together about the surgery her baby needed. As I delivered the meal, I asked for further clarification of the heart issue. She confirmed that it was a VSD at the bottom of the heart. She told me her baby is recovering really well and that doing the surgery was a great decision because the hole was larger than what they picked up before going in to repair. She showed me the scar running vertical on her chest and as I stood there sending good vibes and being thankful for answered prayers for this baby's health, I remembered that we had some pretty big answered prayers as well.

This is what Johnny's condition was too. He could have been faced with the same surgery and the same vertical scar running over his chest. He could have been the one taken into the hospital and then needing recovery for 6 weeks. I am so, so, so grateful that her little one is doing great. I am also thankful for the extraordinary healing done on Johnny's heart so that was a road we didn't have to travel. I forget to be grateful for answered prayers once distance and time pass. I shouldn't be so forgetful. It was huge that his heart has been fixed and that it continued to be knit together.

I am so grateful for the medical community who cares for our little ones. I am also grateful for the conditions we don't have to treat, for how well we are all put together for the most part, by The One who knows our innermost being.

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