Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Things that I love

Driving down the road, seeing a firetruck, and exclaiming "Look MacKenzie! Look Keegan!" to show them.

Catching yourself doing the above even when your kids aren't in the car.

Nurses that confiscate your baby as soon as you arrive at your doctor appointment and don't give him back until your appointment is over.

Squeals of delight of your kids playing outside in a decidedly cooler March than we've had in some years.

Being assured that one day, if you do become an L&D nurse, that you will be a great one...and being excited about something that seems so far away and being completely ok with the process of getting there. 

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Potbelly Sandwich Works

Little girls that protest at me leaving from tucking them in to quickly because (and I quote) "Kiss, cheek" as they reach for my face to kiss my cheeks. 

All three kids being down for the night before 9:00!!!

Having a blanket and doll presented to you so you can swaddle them for bed time and hearing giggles all the while from the child who probably still misses being swaddled.

Jeans, long sleeved shirts, and comfy shoes

Little boy gummy smiles who recognizes you as the only love in his life

Organizing my crochet/knitting/sewing team to provide for little ones and keeping the peace between the crochet and knitting factions

Dozing with my baby boy in bed this morning because we all were up too late last night and smelling that sweet baby smell

Having a Barney song stuck in your head all day long...

Ok maybe not the last one...

But I do love the smile on their faces when I start singing and dancing to it...

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