Friday, March 15, 2013

Out of town

Mattie was out of town this week for work. The weeks are a lot of work for him and he comes back drained, but we are still so appreciative of his new job that we don't mind. In fact, I kind of like that he goes out of town on business from time to time because it seems so different from being tied into the branch like at the bank. It's kind of a status thing, right?

That being said, this week was a little harder because MacKenzie has really started missing him on his trips. When he tucked the girls into bed Sunday evening, he explained that he was leaving early in the morning and wouldn't see them until Friday. For the first time, Mac got misty eyed and clung a little tighter to him. She has been saying she missed him before this trip, but this was the first preemptive sadness we have had so far. It is really hard on both of us to see her little heart breaking. Nothing made me sadder about taking Johnny back to the hospital when he was a baby than Mac crying and saying she didn't want us to go. So now that this is a somewhat regularly scheduled part of our lives for the next few months, it is hard to walk away from those little tears. Mattie is such a good Daddy to make sure to show them extra love and then go out and provide for our family.

He also gets major points today because he got to the airport early so he could get on an earlier flight to spend more time with us. Mattie for the win!

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