Sunday, March 10, 2013

Serving others

This summer I took up crocheting. It was a good way to meet up with friends as we crafted together. Two of my friends brilliantly started crocheting last year and have started their own business. I loved their hats for the kids, but seeing as I wanted about a hundred hats for each of them, I figured I should learn how to do it myself to save a bit of money! While perusing some of their work, I discovered that they had made hats for a NICU support group that is local. That got my brain tinkering. Remembering Johnny's short stint in the NICU and several other friends who have had NICU stays made me realize how heartwarming it must feel to have a little homemade craft presented for your wee one through an unexpected hospital stay. After a few weeks of mulling over this I sent my nurse friend an email asking if this was something we could do for Methodist Willowbrook. I knew I could count on several of my friends to pitch in and help. We were met with a resounding and enthusiastic yes, but might we also consider another need. 

Johnny's first couple hours in the NICU

 Johnny's overnight tanning session in the NICU

My nurse friend let me know that they have a huge need for items for the babies who don't make it through childbirth. They need hats, gowns, slippers, and blankets for these little ones in a desperate way. I immediately thought to myself, "Of course." because it should seem so obvious that there was a need there. I couldn't imagine having to go through the pain of losing a child and then having to also think about clothing or something to put my pre-term child in to wear. If we could help fulfill this need, that would be one less thing the parents and families would have to worry about in this time of struggle. 

We immediately began some internet research and the work has begun. We will be trying to fulfill both needs and already have a great start on a number of items. We have to be a little deliberate in choosing colors and styles for the little angel babies because we want their items to be beautiful but respectful at the same time. It is teeny, tiny work, but many of the items being made are simply gorgeous and it is such an honor to be working with these women to provide for others in need. The NICU babies can get items of all colors and styles, we want them to look bold and strong! All of us are trying to be conscious of thinking about and praying for these children, their families, and their providers as we work on these items. We know this is a need that will be fulfilled through our work and we hope to continue it for some time. 

 A preemie sized hat

My first attempt at clothes
It is a little large, but a good starting lesson

The five of us (for now, maybe our numbers will grow) crochet and pray, crochet and pray, and send each other links of tips and pictures of our progress as we love what we do. If you would like to help us, please let us know. There are other ways to help or items that we need that do not involve crochet or knitting. Additionally, this is one of those examples where 5 bucks makes a big difference. On sale we can get one to two skeens of really soft yarn for just over 5 bucks which makes a ton of preemie and micro preemie hats. So if this is something you may be interested in helping with, leave a comment or contact me however you normally would!

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