Thursday, March 7, 2013

Johnny's 4 Month Appontment

Today I took Johnny to the pediatrician. It was a relatively good appointment with our pediatrician. She recently lost her father so we had the chance to talk about that, it was nice to hear that she had some good times with her father before he passed. She was pleased with Johnny's progress. He is meeting his developmental milestones so far (smiling socially, cooing and verbalizing, opening hands, and lifting head 90 degrees). He weighed in at 13 pounds 7.5 ounces which puts him around the 60th percentile for the Ds chart and 10th percentile for the regular chart and was 24 inches long putting him at the 66th percentile for Ds and 16th percentile for regular. They were pleased with his eating and sleeping (as am I) and she gave the go ahead to start solids at any time (which we won't for awhile). He has been extra sleepy and a little sad this evening because of his vaccines (one oral and two shots), but that is to be expected. Also a good note, the ENT suggested by friends of ours was highly recommended by her so we will be making an appointment soon to check on the fluid in Johnny's ears. We've got to make sure our kids get the best!

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