Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There'll be days like this

Today was one of "those" days...and truth be told it wasn't even one of those days, it was one of those nights. Which I think is worse in ways, it sneaks up on you as you are settling into notching off the day as being one point for the Supermon. There I was, basking in the glory of having worked out, gotten some good deals at the grocery store, and feeding the girls and myself (and by extension Johnny) a relatively healthy meal when it happened. Broccoli ended up on the floor, water spilled on the floor, a very aggressive balloon fight ensued, toys that I wasn't ready to open were ripped to shreds. Babies got fed up of having their nose picked, refused to eat, and cried at being put down. Toys became cast about the room, war broke out over the lone Minnie dress up dress in our possession, and bubbles that I should have put up started to get blown through the living room. Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. But I didn't want it to be a messy night tonight. I wanted to fold my laundry, straighten up the dining room table, and maybe take a stab at loading the dishwasher in a fun new way just to see Matt shrudder when he opened it up. So now I am telling myself that it's ok, that its just a season, that there will be years of clean house ahead of us, but only months of baby snuggles, book reading, and dress up happening in our living room. That my main job right now is to have kind, loved, well adjusted kids and while some families can have a clean house and those things, it's not in our cards at this moment. So I'm busy typing this on my phone with a precious four month cuddled against my chest because he needs his mommy right now. And I am redistributing the Supermon points away from chores and instead assigning them to things that are really point worthy. Things like watching my girls "exercise" as they run back and forth in front of the gym, lunch with a dear friend and her daughter, hearing Keegan call my friend a "princess" and giving her a hug, cherishing the picture MacKenzie drew for me today at the gym, and best of all, giving Johnny kisses on his cheeks and hearing his first real belly laugh, deep and strong! When you look at it that way, today has been pretty good after all.

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