Sunday, March 17, 2013


I will add pics in later A few months ago I found out that a decent sized local theatre near us was putting on a performance of Annie. Mac has been increasingly interested in shows and musical numbers and from time to time we will watch different parts of musicals on YouTube. I have always loved going to the theatre, from the absolute jolt I got from feeling I was doing something fancy and "high society" to simply suspending all else for a few hours and seeing a story unfold in front of you, the theatre makes me happy. So I was very excited when Mattie said we should take Mac. We have been trying to be deliberate about occasionally spending one on one time with each of the kids and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to take Mac out on a date. I think she did fabulous and I am pretty sure she liked it. She was fascinated by the set changes and was totally "that" kid that asked what were they doing as they moved stuff around on stage. She sat in her seat for almost all of the first act and sat mostly in Matt's lap for the second act. We know she liked when Annie was singing and loved the little Sandy dog, played by a golden retriever. We treated her during intermission and got her a stuffed sandy (only 5 bucks because it was the last show) and a little snack that she paid for out of her purse. We had such a good time with our girl and you could tell she felt extra special when we took just her out with us. I hope I have a little theatre buddy for years to come. I asked her if she wanted to sing and dance on stage and got a most determined "no"!

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