Thursday, March 14, 2013


After writing about giving Johnny's health issues over to God a friend and I were talking. I told her that with all of my issues with doing chores and keeping up with household tasks that it may be time for super type A Ashley to reemerge. I put her on the bench with kids because you have to be/can be more lax around the house with taking care if things. But now, as I have said, it has all piled up to be too much. So if I give God the big stuff, then maybe I will have more energy to bring the other stuff back in line with where I want it to be. So lists and whatnot are starting to make their way back into my life along with schedules that have been messed up with altered sleeping schedules due to the time change. Of course I made this decision before I remembered that I have to make, decorate, and bag 300 cookies for my sisters wedding...but more on that later! Off to do my must do chores!

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