Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little Mama

Keegan is a nurturer. Most are surprised by that because of how fierce she can be, that girl is one determined little firecracker. But beyond all of her impish and banshee wild ways, she has a heart as big as they come. She always comforts others, makes sure that they have their drinks and favorite toys, and will gladly give anything she has to someone else who may want it. She has always taken great care of her stuffed animals and is much more interested in dolls and actually playing with them than Mac has ever been. Lately, the girls have really enjoyed when we swaddle their dolls and animals in receiving blankets. They love having them wrapped up tight and taken care of so they can hug on them like wee babes. In fact, last night I wrapped up Keegan's tiger and actually held it up for her like she was a new's good practice for my next career in L&D nursing!

We have a good number of stuffed animals and dolls in our house and we try not to migrate the set from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa, but sometimes it takes a bit of coercion for the girls to keep their animal or doll of choice upstairs in the morning. I guess they are like real mommies who want all the early morning snuggles they can get. I have been convincing them that their babies need naps and we make a huge deal out of tucking them into the bed. This morning, Keegan had tucked in her tiger and was giving it kiss after kiss as she cooed and loved on it. I rubbed her back and said "Oh! You are such a good little mama." With that she stood up straight, turned towards me, squared her shoulders, planted her feet, buckled her chubby legs, put her hands on her hip, furrowed her brow, and told me "No! I Keegan!" 

It took some convincing that she good be a good little mama and Keegan at the same time. Glad she made that clear to me...

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