Sunday, March 3, 2013


I think we have outdone ourselves on busy days. I can think of only a handful of days busier than Saturday was. Might I say an enthusiastic "Woo-hoo" for Mattie being home on the weekends? It is simply so much more fun to be busy within around. Can I also add that our kids are amazing and flexible and I am so proud of the way they handled too much fun. We had three birthday parties yesterday. We didnt want to miss any of them and we are so glad we made the effort to be there for each of these special little girls. While Mattie and I try to limit sugar intake on most days, for parties we let caution go to the wind. Fortanetly, the girls didnt eat too much junk. In fact the only thing I really worried about was their hydration! Each had an appropriate timed meltdown around 4:30 and after that remained good for the rest of the day. We were very proud of them and would have given them a treat if not for the fact they had been treated all day. We were even prouder of Mac when we were making cards for each girl's present. She wrote two of the girl's names on their cards when we spelled it for her and wrote the first initial of the last one's name. She is learning so much with just the little bit we do! A definite heartwarming occurence when we were headed home, Mac exclaimed to both of us, "I am happy! I love you!" Today I was pleasantly surprised to get a handful of tasks done, the most important being finding my dress for JJs wedding. I am pleased with my find and the fact that it is versatile enough to wear again and again. So this was a bit of a ramble, but I really wanted to remember the good job the kids did with their busy day (for those days that they aren't so great)!

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