Saturday, March 30, 2013

Johnny at 5 months


Tomorrow you turn 5 months old. How funny that you were born on Halloween and your 2 month birthday falls on New Years eve and this year your 5 month birthday falls on Easter. Lots of celebrating going on for all your big months. I feel it is well warranted!

Over the past two weeks you have dropped your 10:30 or so feeding at night! That means we can have all three kids down in bed for the night by 8:30 and everyone sleeps until 7:30! I feel like a new woman!!! I have an evening again! Thank you for being such a good sleeper too. You are still in the bassinet, but we will be making the transition to the flat surface of the pack and play soon, we noticed that you have finally started to outgrow it and some of your 3 month clothes. We usually just put you down when you start getting a little fussy or restless and you will sleep. Right now you are waking up to feed around 7:30 and will grunt a bit until Mommy pumps your bottle, you will play with Mommy until 8:30 or 9 then go down for a nap for a couple hours. If we are running errands you will sleep in the car seat until noon or so, if we are just at home you like to eat around 11. Then you will sleep some more until 2:30 when you like to eat again then stay awake for a good stretch. This is usually when we do your therapy work and play time. You doze for an hour, eat around 5:30, then are often awake until your bath, bottle, and bed time around 8:30. For each feeding you will take 5-6 ounces. 

You have the best smiles. They are big, wide, gaping mouth smiles that are usually crooked and off to the side. Your laugh is so funny to hear, almost like you are trying to catch your breath. You love when Mommy plants kisses all over your neck and face and into your armpits that are getting chubbier by the day. You love to look around at pictures and what your sisters are doing. You also usually have your hands brought together almost like you are praying. You like for Mommy to clap them together and to sing a little song for you. You have started playing with the toys on your play mat a lot and will bat at them, grab them, and bring them to your mouth frequently. You enjoy tummy time, more on the boppy pillow than off. You have started trying to wiggle your feet underneath you to try and push and flip over. I think it won't be long before you are rolling over at will and that will make Mommy's job a bit harder to keep you interested in staying on your tummy. You are very, very verbal and will usually verbalize throughout your awake times, especially if someone talks back to you. 

Johnny, we are so pleased with you and everything you are and everything you do. You melt our hearts on an hourly basis and you charm everyone you meet. You are so special and we are so glad that you have come to us to be part of our family.

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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